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Custom Built Computers

If your looking for a Wal-Mart special price

you have come to the wrong place..

If you buy one .. please remember that we repair all modals


Sorry, had to get that out of the way,

The sad truth is that we make much more money  from brand name repairs then we do from any other part of our business.  I guess i should be happy when people buy cut rate computers.. but well I take a great deal of pride in what I do.. We can leave it at that i think..


Custom built computers are simply systems that are not built buy the 4-5 very large computer companies..

They are hand built 1 piece at a time and 1 computer at a time.

The problem with custom built computers is that so many people are building them that use crap parts and are more interested in selling mass numbers of them that they forget quality..


Some Facts About Our System

I Personally am in charge of deciding what parts go into each system we build.

Our systems have had less then a 2% break down rate for the last 12 years running

There are no tracking, advertising or sales software added to our systems

We install only the programs you use (no junk that just slows down a system)

If you do have a problem we stock the parts.

When you call with questions there is a very good chance you will be talking to the tech that built you computer

Our systems are 100% upgradeable & designed to grow with you

If your in that 2% that does have a hardware problem... I'm going to take it personal cause our systems are my babies

Quality Parts = Quality Computers

If you read this far you know I and very pumped up about our Computers

When one of my systems has a problem it is priority one.. I want to know why and I want it fixed now!

Once you buy your first LVC computer - You won't want to buy anywhere else!



We simply refuse to build lesser quality computers!  

Our systems start at about $650.00

If you would like a quote please give us a call so we can build your computer too fit your needs

Home, Office, Gamers, Workstations, Servers

All built with the same pride! 


(610) 403-2357



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