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A computer is a computer right?


if you answered yes please keep in mind that we repair all makes and modals! and keep our number handy!


If you answered no!!!  Your  ahead of the class and should be named office pro of the Year!


when your staff relies on a computer to get the job done that computer is a HUGE part of your business! 

You didn't hire your employees off a wally mart shelf and you sure don't want to give them wally mart tools to work with!


  •  A custom Build Workstation is designed with your needs in mind! 

  •  Built to work for you and not against you

  •  No tracking or non needed software to slow it down

  •  100% upgradability to grow with you

  •  How about a 2% break down rate on our systems

  •  if you hit that 2%  we have every part in stock and your priority ONE


We understand that when your computers are down your employees are not working and when your employees are not working your not hitting goals and making $, when your not making $ you can't donate $ for homeless dogs to have a better life!


so we are going to keep you working! 


The Truth

We build computers that run great, last and are designed to exceed your needs!

We have amazing response time when a problem does arise and our goal is a long term relationship with every client we have!

we can't reach our goals if we don't help you reach yours..

You want to deal with a company that understands you and your needs and has

Something the big box stores and Huge Companies have forgot... Pride in all you do


When your in need of a new Office System keep us in mind!


Custom built  Office systems Built for your needs!


 not nearly as expensive as you would think


Give us a call


Building Computers for Lehigh Valley Business - It's what we do!




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