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Real Computers play Real Games Right!


When it comes to online gaming it's all about the right components!



"I need a gaming system  what should i buy?"  

The answer is not as easy as it sounds!


 The first question I ask is "what are you playing?" 

Many clients using the word "gaming" when what they are doing is playing facebook games..  Others are into the online MMO style of games. some have a steam library that has dozens of games attached too it..  Some are getting ready for the next release off... (insert title here) Some are playing older games that they managed to get to run on a newer PC.   and some of you "Like Me"  have all of the above.


A fast motherboard, fast memory and lots of it. a hard drive that is not only large enough to host your games but fast enough to run them at peek.  A CPU that can handle not only the games you play today, but the new releases that will come out in the near future... and the biggest need of them all is Room To Grow!


We custom build systems! We use top components on all of our computers not just the gaming systems However there are some definite differences in our Office PCs when compared to our true gaming PC's  



The joy of this is you don't need to add everything at the same time..  If you added a good video card to our base builds you would already have a system that can handle 90% of the games that are out today... it would get you started!   but it gets better!  NONE of our builds are case specific!  meaning they are truly 100% upgradable!   So we can add in More Memory, a faster CPU, a bigger and or faster hard drive, a new sound card or just about any other component you want or need!


We build both AMD and Intel systems 100% based on the clients needs!


No tracking software at all!!  There is never any extra software added to our systems.. we don't install all that junk that slows down a PC...



Pure power.... Pure Speed... Pure Gaming

Call for your Quote!



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