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Why LV Computers?

  •  Over 25 years of networking experience

  •  We take the time to know your networking needs vendors and applications

  •  We sell you what you need and not want we make the best profit on

  •  We understand that when your network is down, your not making your Goals

  •  We take pride in what we do! We love what we do!

  •   Cause we are cool guys! (just seeing if your paying attention!) we are geeks and we know it!

The truth is if  your looking for a company that takes pride in not only what we do but in how our clients run

You just found them!


Call for your Free Evaluation!



Do I need a Server?

I get asked this question all the time and there is no simple answer to the question

Today we have so many options! cloud storage, NAS (network attached storage) devices, virtual servers...Ect.. Ect


The real question is what are your networking needs..

  •  If you need to run applications that require a server.. You need a server

  •  If you need to run programs Like Exchange .. You need a server

  • If your running  proprietary software that requires a server. You need a server

  •  If you want to track your network use and your staffs file use.. You need a server

That's just the quick list

If you are simply storing Data (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Pics, so on) so your staff can share and work on them  you DON'T need a server

you need a NAS or Cloud solution


If your not sure just give us a call.. We offer 100% free evaluations so we can get you started on the right path!


Why Custom Built Servers?


Quality parts and craftsmanship make for an amazing Combo!

 Custom builds allow us to build your server to handle your needs!

No tracking or reporting software that slows down a server

A Server that is designed to grow with you and your needs is priceless

If you have a problem the same tech that built your server will most likely be the guy you get to talk too!

We stock the parts we use to build! meaning no delays if there is a problem

2% break down rate on our custom builds (yes you read that right! 2%)


When your ready for a new server we got you covered!


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