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Virus & Spyware

Blocking vs Removing

There are 3 ways to stop a virus

1.  Block it from running

2. Remove It

3. Reload the Computer



Once a bug finds it's way into your system some companies offer to come out and "get rid" of it.  What they do is drop a piece of software on that blocks the bug from running. They are in and out in about 20 min (many remote repair companies do this)  and poof in 20 min your computer looks like it's old self.. 

Problem is the bug is still infecting your system..... many times it's going to show itself again.. it could be in 1 reboot.. it could be days or weeks or a month down the road..but sooner or later the program they blocked with is going to update itself or get shut down and when it does. Guess what.. you get to pay that guy to come back out "Get Rid" of the same bug you already paid him to remove.  Blocking programs have a place mind you.. I've saved many peoples data using them.. But they should be used to confine for a very short time while you get rid of the pest for real..   Don't be fooled by companies that claim they can scan your system, fix it and be 100% sure the virus is gone in an hour or less. I don't care who they are.. they are wrong and your the one about to pay for that mistake.


Remove It

When we am fighting a bug we run between 4 and 6 different programs, Each designed to find and remove every bug on the system. You see most spyware does not run alone.. it invites friends.. and they invite friends, and they invite friends.. pretty soon an infected system is running slower and slower...  when we do bug removal we want to be 100% sure that the bug is not going to show back up and make us look bad.. We take a great deal of pride in our reputation!   On average we spend about 6-8 hours of scan time for every infected system.  this is why we charge a flat rate at our location  and prefer to do virus removal on our turf.  There is no 1 anti virus that catches everything, there is no 1 spyware program that catches everything. Once your infected you need it removed. Not blocked!   Never rush virus removal.. Be 100% that it's done right


Reload the Computer

There are some cases where a virus or spyware has damaged the operating system (windows) so bad that we recommend a full system reload.

In that case we would back your data up to one of our data servers, Scan that data, while it's scanning we reload your Computer with your Windows version install the drivers and base software and then put your data back in place.  We then return the system and set it back up for you.

A clean windows install leaves your computer 100% virus free, However it's a bit of a pain for the user as you will still need to re-install some of your software and re save passwords and such. Still that's time well spent when your 100% sure your system and all your data is free of bugs and safe!


If you get infected and you want your it removed the right way... Call us





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